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Links Veterinary Training Initiative (LVTI)

Links Veterinary Training Initiative 2018

Diagnosing non-accidental injury is rarely simple and those who have encountered cases of suspected abuse talk about the 'difficulty of diagnosis'.  Incidences of animal abuse are on the rise and the most challenging cases are those of deliberate harm, not teasing or tormenting, or rather the more common 'neglect', through ignorance of an animal's needs.  

As trusted individuals, members of the veterinary team may receive information about a violent incident that constitutes abuse against an animal or a vulnerable individual.  Increasingly, it is being recognised that the animal is often the index case that triggers further investigation into violent households.

To help the veterinary team deal with cases of suspected abuse, we have teamed up with the Links Group to provide two FREE CPD sessions to BSAVA members (non-member price is £40).

The session will provide guidance on setting up a practice protocol and identifying an 'abuse advisor' who will aid practice staff in suspected cases of abuse.  Through the abuse advisor, effective relationships with RSPCA Officers, police domestic abuse officers and aid agencies should be set up so that staff have expert support when they suspect animal or human abuse.  

Even if you have never experienced suspected animal abuse, this CPD may prove invaluable in the future. Information from the veterinary practice may allow human healthcare professionals to become involved earlier in abuse cases, offering support to the family and potentially improving or saving a victim's life

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