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One Welfare

One Welfare – a platform for improving human and animal welfare

The concept of One Welfare recognises the interconnections between animal welfare, human wellbeing and the environment. Integrating this concept in existing projects could provide a low cost platform for fostering interdisciplinary collaboration to improve human and animal welfare internationally. This concept could ultimately help improve global standards of both human wellbeingand animal welfare. It could also help promote key global objectives such as supporting food security,reducing human suffering (eg, abuse of vulnerable people) and improving productivity within thefarming sector through a better understanding of the value of high welfare standards. It extendsthe approach of (and partially overlaps) the One Health theme used for human and animal health.A One Welfare approach promotes the direct and indirect links of animal welfare to human welfareand environmentally friendly animal-keeping systems. It could provide a means to improve animalwelfare and human wellbeing worldwide, both as a basis for expanding opportunities for farming andscience industries, and increasing resilience and security for communities in developing countries. Theintroduction of this concept within the research community would have the added benefit of helping to identify research outputs with added value and mutual benefit between animal welfare, humanwellbeing and/or the environment, by introducing the key search term ‘One Welfare’ To read more click here