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Dogs Trust Freedom Project, Greater London


Areas covered:

Greater London and parts of Hertfordshire.

Pets fostered:

Dogs Trust will only arrange foster care for dogs over the age of six months under this scheme. Temporary care for cats can also be arranged with Cats Protection through the Freedom Project in Greater London only.

How to access scheme:

Referrals are taken from agencies and/or direct from the owner provided they supply confirmation they are fleeing due to domestic violence i.e. letter from Social Worker or Police Crime Reference Number or Court Order.

The process:

A Dog Information Form asking specific details about the dog’s habits and behaviour has to be completed by the client before we can find a suitable foster home. In addition a legal contract has to be signed by the owner agreeing to our terms and conditions. We cannot foster dogs that behave aggressively.

Food/Vet expenses:

All foster dogs are registered with their carer’s nearest vets and will go for an overall health check at the beginning of the foster placement. All veterinary costs will be paid by Dogs Trust and if a dog is not neutered or vaccinated this will be carried out as soon as possible. Cost of dog food and any canine equipment required such as beds and bowls etc will be supplied by Dogs Trust.

Length of placement:

Foster placements are for an average of 6-9 months whilst the women are waiting to be rehoused. If the owner decides it’s in the dog’s best interests not to take it back, we can make arrangements to rehome through one of the charity’s centres.