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RSPCA PetRetreat


PetRetreat is an Information, Advice and Pet Fostering Service.

Areas covered:

Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Bristol, Dorset, IOW, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Buckingham, Gloucester, Oxford, Hereford, Worcester, Midlands, Wales, Bedford, Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham, Lincoln, Stafford, Yorkshire, Lancs, Humberside, Cumbria and Derby are covered in partnership with Paws For Kids. Please call for advice and information on areas covered.

Pets fostered:

We will endeavour to foster any established family pet.

How to access scheme:

Referrals for established family pets, from any agency providing the person is going into a refuge.

The process:

Paperwork to be completed by the pet’s owner. Details of the animal’s vaccination/neutering status, behavioural problems and socialisation with other animals/children required.

Food/Vet expenses:

Owners are encouraged to contribute towards the cost of their pets’ keep on a regular basis, to ensure the owner is able to maintain responsibility for the pets and to continue to budget for their return.

Length of placement:

This is on average 6 months, however if we are unable to foster the pet (e.g. Un-neutered pets and those with behavioural problems) alternative arrangements will need to be made by the owner.


There will be a 7-10 day assessment period in which time all veterinary treatment will be carried out.

Further information:

Clients are required to keep in regular contact with PetRetreat while their pets are in foster care.